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Azarian Wrecking

1535 High St. Racine, WI 53404

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Our Work In Action

Azarian Wrecking is based in Racine Wisconsin and operates throughout all of Wisconsin. We have been under the same family management since 1952. Throughout this time we have demolished every kind of structure ranging from single car garages to 4 story Hospitals. Azarian Wrecking provides Safe and timely demolition and related work and services to every client.

Our experience includes the demolition of heavy industrial buildings, Large commercial structures, refineries, Smoke stacks, towers, and residential properties. We are open minded and create a new game plan for each and every new job acquired. We own or rent all the equipment required to tackle any job of any size.

Our diverse combination of experience, knowledge, technical expertise, trained personnel, on site supervision, and required safety measures has lead us to be one of the oldest and most dependable Wrecking companies in all of Wisconsin. Our operators take pride in their work and always have a determined yet safe mindset.

Whether your project requires environmental excavation, shoring, earth retention, tank removal, or demolition services, Azarian Wrecking Company can demolish any building or structure and not only remove it, but we can leave you a site that is 100% development ready if needed.

Azarian DemolitionOver 50 years of experience has made Azarian Wrecking a reputable demolition firm, qualified to raze both residential and commercial projects. Every project utilizes qualified personnel and specialized equipment to ensure quality performance. Azarian Demolition has successfully toppled smokestacks, water towers and silos up to 225 feet in height.

Government ContractsWe have a long and valued history as a trusted partner to many local and municipal governments.

We have the resources and experience to meet any interior demolition needs, from small home to large commercial building.

Azarian Tank RemovalAzarian Wrecking is also Wisconsin state certified in storage tank removal. Our trained staff helps meet the needs of the customer by completing fuel and gasoline tank removals and site remediation work in a timely and professional manner.